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Hello, I'm Kelsey.

Hi, I'm Kelsey Farish.

I am a media lawyer and leading expert on generative AI. 

My approach to law is not just as a profession — but as a passion for protecting creative expression and advancing the responsible use of technology in the media and entertainment sectors.

In addition to providing legal advice, I offer industry consultations and academic research, and regularly appear on news media to discuss AI, publicity, and intellectual property.


Skills & Industry Expertise


Contract Drafting  •  Negotiation  •  Business Advisory  • Research    Communications  •  Consultancy  •  Public Speaking

 Legal Issues 

Copyright  •  Licensing  •  Commercialisation  •  Collaborations  •  Image Rights  •  Publicity  •  Privacy  •  Confidentiality  • Freedom of Expression  •  Internet Regulatory  •  Attribution  •  Performers' Rights  •  Impersonation  •  Brand Protection 

 Sector Topics 

Artificial Intelligence  •  Film & TV  •  Podcasts  •  Digital Media  •  Performing Arts  •  Photography  •  Music  •  Social Media     Streaming  •  Talent  •  Influencers  •  Advertising

Kelse's story

Kelsey's Story

      Named as a “Rising Star – one of the UK’s Best Up and Coming Female Lawyers” in 2023 by, I am a media lawyer and recognised as one of Europe’s foremost legal authorities on digitally manipulated and AI-generated content. My expertise bridges the gap between traditional media law and the rapidly evolving world of digital media technology.

      My passion is exploring the intersections of personality (publicity) rights, intellectual property, and the application of AI technology such as deepfakes. My research and expertise has led me to appear on national news media and before the European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) Panel, to provide critical insights on the legal implications of AI. 

      A commercial contracts lawyer by training, as an associate at DAC Beachcroft I offer a variety of legal services including to clients across the film, TV, and broader creative sectors. I focus primarily on deals and collaborations, and help clients manage legal risks pragmatically, whether they are multinational corporates, independent production companies, or individual artists and authors. With a deep understanding of both the creative aspirations and the legal nuances of the media world, I seek to ensure that creative visions are not just legally compliant but also strategically poised for success.

      Originally from Seattle on the West Coast of the United States, I have dual UK and U.S. citizenship and bring a unique international perspective to my practice. After earning my BA from Washington State University, I pursued postgraduate studies at the London School of Economics; I wrote my masters dissertation on European copyright collecting societies and digital platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. I then studied law at the University of London, and further honed my specialisation with a diploma from Harvard Law School’s CopyrightX course.

I live in London with my husband and young son. When not at my desk, I'm probably watching a film (with a glass of wine in my hand) or in the pottery studio (with clay in my hair).

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  • AI in Idea Generation and Content Creation: Providing legal, regulatory, and commercial advice on the use of AI for pitches, greenlighting, content creation and modification, and more.

  • Copyright Law: Advising on UK as well as U.S. and EU copyright laws, to include fair dealing, fair use, "sampling", transformative use, and infringements.

  • Intellectual Property Protection: Advising creatives on safeguarding their intellectual property and confidential information, especially during collaborations and pre-production stages.

  • Image and Persona Rights: Guiding clients on obtaining and using image rights (also known as publicity, persona, and / or personality rights) for both living and deceased individuals.

  • Talent Agreements: Negotiating and drafting endorsement deals and talent agreements - including those for actors, authors, directors, contributors, consultants, and crew.

  • Creators' Moral Rights: advising creators and authors of copyright protected works on their moral rights, including those of attribution, privacy, and integrity of the work.

  • Neighbouring Rights: Advising on the copyright protections available for related but non-author contributors, including the rights of performers, producers, and broadcasters. 

  • Non-Scripted and Documentaries: Handling legal issues specific to reality TV and documentary production, such as participant agreements and privacy concerns.

  • Social Media Marketing: Advising on legal issues related to social media marketing, including influencer partnerships and implications of ASA/CAP Code and the Online Safety Act 2023

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Summary of Kelsey's 
AI Media Expertise

Kelsey’s research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice and The Licensing Journal. She has written on the use of AI-generated actors for film and TV productions for the European Audiovisual Observatory, and authored a chapter on social media advertising for a fashion law textbook. Kelsey is also regularly quoted and cited by other authors.

Kelsey regularly speaks at industry events and specialist workshops, for example “Unlocking Digital Heritage and Creative Industries through Data Science and AI” funded by the Alan Turing Institute. She is a frequent guest lecturer at universities for law, journalism, and art students.

Kelsey has appeared on national news media to discuss deepfakes, artificial intelligence, intellectual property (namely copyright and trade marks), and Internet regulation. Programmes include Channel 4 Dispatches, Channel 5 News, BBC Radio 4, and several podcasts.

Kelsey is an advisory board member of vera.AI, a European research consortium working to combat disinformation online through advanced artificial technologies. She has also appeared before the European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) Panel to advise on proposed deepfake legislation.

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Get in Touch

Kelsey is a solicitor in England & Wales, regulated by the SRA. She is always happy to discuss opportunities for speaking engagements or other advisory work. Please note that is Kelsey's personal portfolio website and the information contained here is not intended as legal advice. Any legal advice must be offered and obtained via her law firm, DAC Beachcroft LLP. 

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